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About us; Alomakuam Designs, Custom built furniture, Maine

Richard Jensen
Born in 1934 to parents of Swiss & Danish ancestry, I received an early introduction to working with wood from my father Stanley. From my mother Frieda, who painted the faces on watches before emigrating from Switzerland, I inherited her artistry and attention to detail.

While working in residential construction in my younger days I always looked for newer, innovative ways to work. As I searched I became increasingly fascinated by the joinery techniques employed by the cabinetmakers of old.

As my interest grew I gravitated more and more to designing and fabricating one-of-a-kind pieces of solid wood furniture. Each commissioned piece is lovingly crafted with an eye for detail in the studio in rural Minot Maine.

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Terryl Esther Jensen
I was born in 1943. The first 18 years of my life were spent in New Hampshire. I was very fortunate to have an art teacher at school that encouraged my talent. Like most rural schools of that time, the teacher had a circuit she traveled weekly. She was a very talented lady. Not only did she teach art, but also music. Monday afternoons were spent singing and Tuesday afternoons were spent creating any number of artful projects.

In the 1960’s, I enrolled in The Famous Artists Schools, Inc., in Westport, Ct. I would like to think perhaps that Norman Rockwell or Ben Stahl were some of the artists that critiqued my work.

Art was now set aside for awhile. Parenting was more than a full time occupation.

I took lessons from an artist near the area where I was living after I moved to Maine in 1982. Some techniques can be instilled but I feel a lot are inherited. My father was gifted in an artistic way, and so was his father. My grandfather’s medium was oil paint. Now, my husband/partner and I create one of a kind pieces that combine both his love of wood, and mine for painting.

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